Wall Decal Pattern Pale Pink Hearts

Made of Sundays


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 These cute hearts are perfect to add a lovey touch to the nursery wall!

 Stick them on any surface, above shelves, tables, inside of a wardrobe,...

Combine different patterns and colors to create your own mural.

There are so many possibilities! They can transform the room!


We think it would be ideal also to to decorate your valentines party or your wedding!



48  self-adhesive hearts

Size:  3,6x3 cm / 1,45 x 1,28  inch

Made of:  Matte wall decal with transfer tape (German vinyl)

Designed By: Made of Sundays. A home decor and wall decal company run by a really nice family of Finnish-Spanish people in Helsinki. We love their fun and bright designs!

How to Install? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTvdHAh7W7Y